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Title: 마성의여자 (Fairysm Girl)

Artist: 허지영 (Heo Jee Young)

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Finally something new and refreshing in the K-indie world! Heo Jee Young started her K-indie career with this song, “Fairysm Girl”. Her voice is soft and a bit childish and she sings perfectly. I’m looking forward to listen her other songs! I hope you’ll like it too. 


내게 모여든 사람들 하나둘씩 내게 빠져드네
알 수 없는 마력에 끌려 헤어 나오지 못하는 그대를
난 꺼내줄 생각 없어 마성의 여자를 만난 그대를

아 호기심에 조금만 더 한 발자국만 더
아 알게 되면 알수록 더 위험에 빠져
내 어둠 속의 마성을 끌어올려 
너에게 내 마지막 마지막의 진심을 담아

난 꺼내줄 생각 없어 마성의 여자를 만난 그대를
아 호기심에 조금만 더 한 발자국만 더
아 알게 되면 알수록 더 위험에 빠져
내 어둠 속의 마성을 끌어올려 
너에게 내 마지막 마지막의 진심을 담아

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i prefer | anonymous asked: yoonfany or yoonsic

"Jessica unnie, you took good care of me since I was a trainee. You’re really caring. I think it’s because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me"

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okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

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afrofabulous said:

Do you think that 28 is too old to try to pursue a career in art on your own terms? I wanted to be a 3D animator for as long as I can remember, but when I got to college I realized that going to college for it wasn't for me. The school and the environment was horrible and I was completely uninspired to continue animation. I went to school for fashion illustration after that and I although my teachers thought my art was truly beautiful, I didn't get to finish because I started a family.


(cont.) I became inspired again recently and I have been drawing and sketching everyday (for the past two years) as well as learning animation on my own. I am heavily influenced by your webcomic, but I just wanted to know if it was too late to pursue my dream without school and by myself at 28?

I started TJ and Amal at 31, with a weak art education and zero experience in comics, so you can probably guess where I stand on the matter!

I wish our culture didn’t place such heavy emphasis on “making it” in your teens and twenties; that the (justifiable!) attention paid to prodigies wouldn’t set “prodigy” as the norm.  This kind of BS does everyone a disservice.

If you have a dream and the resources/ability to pursue it, there’s no reason to sit it out just because “everyone makes it by 25.” Because everyone DOESN’T make it by 25. Some do, some don’t, whatever.
What’s more, age can bring experience that will inform your work — work you couldn’t have made at 20 or 25 without that experience.

Sometimes when I get discouraged about this stuff, it helps to remember an anecdote I read a few years ago—
A retiree mentions to her friend that she’s considering going back to college and finishing her degree.
"What, at 65?" says her friend, "You’ll be at least 40 years older than everyone else in class!"
To which the lady replies, “oh, so you think I should wait till I’m 70?”

There’s no going backwards.

Good luck!

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I wanted to see if this was an actual real thing that had happened, because, you know, we’ve had all-glass skyscrapers for ages, and I’ve never heard of this happening before.

It is. Of course the problem isn’t the building’s glass exterior. It’s that it’s curved:

Which is incredible because anyone with a rudimentary grasp of physics could have told them that this would happen:

So in addition to being heavy-handed satire about first world excess, it’s also a pretty on-point reminder of another way we’re going wrong: resurgent anti-intellectualism means that fewer and fewer people are consulting with or listening to scientists.

Anyway, back to your joke.

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Bringing a child into the world makes sense only if this child is wanted consciously and freely by its two parents. If it is not, then it is simply animal and criminal behavior. A human being becomes human not through the casual convergence of certain biological conditions, but through an act of will and love on the part of other people. If this is not the case, then humanity becomes — as it is already to a large extent — no more than a rabbit-warren. But this is no longer a “free-range” warren but a “battery” one, in the conditions of artificiality in which it lives, with artificial light and chemical feed.

Only those people … who are a hundred percent convinced that they possess the moral and physical possibility not only of rearing a child but of welcoming it as a welcome and beloved presence, have the right to procreate. If this is not the case, they must first of all do everything not to conceive, and if they do conceive (given that the margin for unpredictability continues to be high) abortion is not only a sad necessity, but a highly moral decision to be taken with full freedom of conscience. I do not understand how you can associate abortion with an idea of hedonism or the good life. Abortion is a terrifying thing…

In abortion the person who is massacred, physically and morally, is the woman. Also for any man with a conscience every abortion is a moral ordeal that leaves a mark, but certainly here the fate of the woman is in such a disproportionate condition of unfairness compared with the man’s, that every male should bite his tongue three times before speaking about such things. Just at the moment when we are trying to make less barbarous a situation which for the woman is truly terrifying, an intellectual uses his authority so that women have to stay in this hell. Let me tell you, you are really irresponsible, to say the least. I would not mock the “hygienic-prophylactic measures” so much; certainly you will never have to undergo a scraping of your womb. But I’d like to see your face if they forced you to have an operation in the filth and without any recourse to hospitals under pain of imprisonment.

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

Via BuzzFeed

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makin my way downtown

have you accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior

walkin faster

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make me choose
loljkilikeyoonamore asked you: L or Myungsoo

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