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chen being sweet to fans

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Freedom is..?

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Minah with a puppy

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Normally I hate when fans invade the personal lives of the cast, but dear god, I would give up my first born for Jenna  to write a tell-all book about all of the Glee drama, dirt and shenanigans from behind the scenes, which she must ironically title:

WHO WROTE THIS?! TINA?!: A Gleeful Memoir by Jenna Ushkowitz


I’ve said it before.  I stopped watching a couple years ago.  I consider myself ‘Glee-free’ at this point.

And it could be a decade from now-or two decades…but if a Glee tell all book comes out, I will be there at midnight at whatever stores still exist to get that the moment it comes out.  

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Happy 21st birthday to the four dimensional maknae of miss A who blossomed from the adorable goo hye mi of dream high into the ever beautiful woman she is today, 생일 축하합니다 SUZY! ♥♥♥ #Happy21stSuzyBaeDay

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기린닷컴 | do not edit.

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I wonder whether transitioning from the mechanical to digital age has removed some necessary human outlets. Thoughts used to be noisier with keyboards screaming loss and bemoaning love; the deliberate strike of a key or a soft press could communicate, hint at the author’s emotion. Punctuation used to resound; the slam of a telephone into a receiver could end a raucous phone call. Unity used to sit silently humming on the street corner, projecting the harsh sodium light into orange metropolitan dreams; perhaps as we better imitate natural light, we shadow just a touch of our desperate, defunct, perfectly imperfect humanity. Forward progress though! Steppenwolfs of tomorrow’s age will lustfully remember the era of text messages, tindr, and self-driving cars. We live in some other dreamer’s bygone era. Progress, but remember.

-inevitable recursion, October 2014

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if you dont think kingdom hearts is the tightest shit ever then get the fuck out of my face

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Happy Birthday to the Nation’s Happy Virus  First love, the 4D princess, Bae Suzy 

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it’s so cute how when hyeri finds something too funny or her feelings are too overwhelming she can just…dramatically drop to the floor no matter where she is

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Cutie Maknae Opening Her Gifts to Naeun Herself (*/ω\*)