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Days 11 - 15

Day 16: Least Favourite Friendship

Probably where Soon Dong/Hye Sung should be, but I don’t really consider them friends.

Poor Shi Woo. Second most shafted character in Dream High 2 after Yoo Jin. Not only did he get saddled with that stupid love triangle for laughs, he also got JB. JB who wanted to ditch him and go solo, stole his car, never thanked him for anything at all. Too one-sided.

Day 17: Favourite Romance

Honourable mention goes to Ui Bong and Seul because while they weren’t needed for the story overall, they were cute. And they actually happened.

I rabidly shipped them for… a week? Two weeks? And I would’ve went down with this ship if the show didn’t give me Rian/Yoo Jin because I loved their potential as a couple, the interactions they could’ve had… (you know kinda like Baek Hee and Hye Mi and their angry-hot chemistry ;A;) They could’ve had angst I and would’ve been all over it if the endpoint was they would be together, but in the end I only got headaches trying to keep liking them. Also on a shallow note, JB got less appealing the moment he stopped having residual feelings for Rian :c cos that hair :c

Day 18: Least Favourite Romance

I wouldn’t have minded the age gap if it worked (Eunjung and Suzy had a six-year age gap between them but they are still my DH OTP) but… it didn’t. Non-existent chemistry, plot got ruined to make them happen, development is half-hearted at best, the take home message about idol-fan relationships not good at all… what kills me the most is (and I hate them together, ok) that they didn’t end up together. After throwing away all the potentially interesting set-ups to appeal to people who only tune in for romance, you don’t even give them this? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, SHOW?

I really wished they trusted in their plot enough. The first six episodes were bad but there were set-ups that could’ve been really interesting and would’ve generated natural conflict.

Day 19: Favourite Hye Sung Scene


Well okay on an acting level the bus scene when her father is telling her to sing and if someone acknowledges her she gets to stay. Kang Sora didn’t show up at all for sixteen episodes except for that part, because I thought it was very well acted. The ending of her foolish dreams (but srsly WHY DO KIRIN ACCEPT STUDENTS BASED ON TEXTBOOK INTELLIGENCE? UM?) was never more real to her than at that point, and as a watcher I actually got a sense of desperation and sadness from her.

Day 20: Favourite Yoo Jin Scene

all the scenes where he is topless tbqh

I. LOVE. THIS. Second most favourite scene overall. This was the point where Yoo Jin expressed all that pent-up emotions and frustration about his parent situation all these years, and it translated into a beautiful, emotionally-charged performance that moved everyone in the audience. I liked that he didn’t break down into tears, I liked that he was able to thank and apologize to his mother with a song that he was very at home with (not something like that B-song, eugh). And again, all those feels ;A; Jinwoon’s acting was brilliant.

And I loved his little moment with Rian after ;~; because his parent issue had always been a private battle, so I thought it was fitting that he only shared his small moment of victory at finally taking that first step to forgiveness with Rian. (augh does this make sense)

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 We’re..finally..friends? Eumhaha

 Shin Haesung…we are friends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(credits to: Diadem Tweets, Kang Sora’s twitter, Jiyeon’s twitter)

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i won’t miss this shitty show

but i will miss the weekly dose of jiyeon and her singing. and her occasional acting. :(

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looooooooooooool i like it , hyesung you can take everything except eunjung big no red line :D ♥ ♥

omfg. haesung’s face. i can’t even

w t f


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lol blooper reel :’)))) BEST SCENE OF JB SO FAR!!!

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i know this refers to the tango but lol at reality and hye sung. LOL

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You’re not even at the level of a trainee, yet you speak about your dreams and you think so highly of yourself.

#if only rian knew you guys #if only she knew haesung would miraculously get blessed with talent overnight #she would be eating her words



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Kang sora for Muzak

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“I’m getting a lot pieces of advice from Eunjung.” - Park Jiyeon

i love this ;A;

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